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New sculpture/book "Fun for Boys"

I'm planning a book tentatively titled "FUN FOR BOYS." It's a series of pages on transparency mounted between panels of plexi, rotating like a conveyor belt/mobius strip when you turn the handle.

7 images about ready as of now, with a goal of around 20. Each is 9" x 7," so the whole sculpture is likely to be around 7-8 feet in length and of course 7" wide not counting the handle. We'll see, but I'd better get a move on if I want this project done for the ol' thesis show.

Working outside of a book structure is fun because it lets me more smoothly integrate new technology. I can't wait to start proofing and mocking this thing up sculpturally. Again, being a printmaker is fun because printmaking is exactly the thing that crosses all of these boundaries as a medium.

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