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Printing and Installing Next Week!!

Wanted to really get these things going 100%. I want the viewer to be able to see both sides of the paper and the print, so they'll be off the wall. They'll divide space so that folks have their backs to the wall reading the back side of the image. Each one presents a multitude of perspectives, both literally and metaphorically. That engages with the idea of the false binary, how a binary worldview can seem appealing but it ultimately to inconvenient to fully maintain. Similarly, the issues--you see what I did there?--blend in to one another. A little dissapointed that I won't be printing these by hand, but excited to see them realized quickly. As I am always reminding my students and reminded by my professors: good technology is invisible. In this case, the prints are all about seeing the work and the world in new ways. If they can accomplish that task via digital printing, then fuck it, we're golden! Last year I met with Joseph Lupo, a great hero of mine, and he invited me to contact him as I stop drawing. Once these are printed and hung, I feel like we'll be able to truly have a conversation! Anyways, keep on Printmaking, y'all, Best, Raph

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