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Experimental Installation

Set this installation up on short notice in response to the newfound attention on our racist/brutal police problem. Continuous criminal activity of this nation's police is being exposed and documented, prompting me to respond in some of my own work. Inspired in part by my brother's struggles with police and institutions as a black man and of course by my own critical consciousness as a young white artist, this work is the beginning of something I've continued to pursue.

I've been collecting old crime comics, trying to sample and flip them into engaging, sensitive, and provocative work. Printmaking is just lovely for that kind of thing, and after having a mentoring session with Joseph Lupo, my love affair with old print material really just gets more intense. You can see it in the vintage section of my site, for sure. Would I call this entirely successful? No, but I'm not giving up by any means. Printmaking offers so many ways to engage with old imagery, it's just fantastic!

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