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Upcoming Shows -- Seattle, Indiana, Iowa

Hey y'all! How's it going? I am pleased to announce some upcoming shows. This week I’m proud to show with Color Lines at the Neal Marshall Black Culture Center organized by Brooke Starks, next week I’m up for a month in Seattle as part of the Backstreet Bazaar Festival curated by Jake Millett, and I was just accepted to the Justice (League) Exchange Portfolio juried by Alison Filley at St. Ambrose University! Exciting, especially when I know so many excellent artists like my homie Jason Wonnell are in the exchange as well. Applying to shows in New York at the moment, and looking forward to more adventures in installation based Printmaking. Meanwhile, Carrie Mae Smith and I are getting ready for the mysterious Fuller Chicken show, so look out for documentation of that! I think I've dreampt up the proper way to print these, having proofed in many ways, and I'm excited for my paper to arrive soon. As much as I want to escape the Paper Munching tendencies of Printmaking, I admit I spend as much time as I can futzing with my paper choice to really dial in the process. Ah well, there's no escaping destiny. Excited to install these babies, but you can get your copy CHEAP at Color Lines. 25% of all sales goes to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington, so it's a damned good cause.

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